Northern Lite 610

Half Ton Truck Camper

The original Northern Lite 610 truck camper, considered a cult classic by truck camper aficionados, inspired our new entry for the half-ton truck camper market.

The redesigned Northern Lite 610 reflects everything that you have come to expect from a Northern Lite truck camper: quality construction, all the comforts of home, and of course our two-piece fiberglass shell designed to keep you warm and dry no matter the conditions outside.

The brand new Northern Lite 610 is designed to fit domestic half-ton trucks such as the Ford 150, GM 1500, and Chevy 1500.

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Overall Length 136"
Exterior Base Length 78"
Overall Width (Excluding Jacks) 85"
Overall Height (Body) 89.3"
Bunk Sleeping Area 54"W X 80"L X 39"H
Dinette Sleeping Area 37"X62"
Interior Height 78"
Fresh Water Tank 17 US Gal, 66 L
Grey Water Tank 17 US Gal, 66 L
Propane Gas 1X20 Lbs Tank
Target Weight 1500 Lbs

Disclaimer: All specifications and features listed are subject to change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The 610 is designed for domestic half ton trucks such as the Ford 150, Chevy 1500, GMC 1500. When matching the 610 up with your truck, make sure that your truck’s payload is suitable for the camper.

As well, you can use the 610 on 3/4 and one-ton trucks.

Our team is targeting the launch of the Northern Lite 610 for January 2024. Units will be available through dealers shortly after that.

Yes! The Northern Lite 610 is a true 4-season half ton camper. Along with our R7 insulated shell and heated basement for the plumbing, there is a Truma Combi Heat System to keep you cozy!

Unlike our other Northern Lite truck campers, the 610 has a cassette toilet instead of a built in toilet. The reason for using a cassette toilet is to ensure that the weight remains as low as possible… while still providing all the comforts that Northern Lite is known for.

The Northern Lite 610 uses a Norcold N2090 12-volt Compressor Refrigerator 3.0 Cu.Ft.

We are targeting a max. weight of 1,500 lbs. for the Northern Lite 610. As the features and options for the model are still being finalized, we do not have an exact weight yet.

Yes, the Northern Lite 610 is lithium battery capable. There’s even an internal storage space to keep them warm!

The Northern Lite 610 has an East-West bed configuration.

The Northern Lite 610 uses an internal ratchet system that connects the camper to the tie down points in the bed of your truck.

Every Northern Lite camper, including the 610, comes with an industry leading 6-year structural warranty. All components are covered by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

The cabover sleeping area measures 39″ from the cabover floor to the cabover ceiling. There is a 4″ mattress on top of the floor. The space between the top of the uncompressed mattress and the roof is 35″.

The Northern Lite 610 will have an air conditioner as an option.