How Northern Lite Campers Are Built for Adventure

The Northern Lite manufacturing plant, located in Kelowna BC, is a modern facility that handles the end-to-end construction of every Northern Lite truck camper built. Our facility includes a state of the art fiberglass shop as well as cabinetry, electrical, and plumbing departments. As each camper moves along the assembly line, it is constantly inspected to ensure that our highest standards of craftsmanship are met.

Built Tough For The Most Extreme Conditions

Two-Piece Fiberglass Construction

Northern Lite Truck Campers are built using fiberglass molds in a process similar to building a fiberglass boat. After a layer of Gelcoat is applied to the interior of the mold, a mixture of “chopped” fiberglass strands and a plastic resin is sprayed on top of the Gelcoat to form a very rigid, strong and light weight molded shell.

Once both the top and bottom are pulled out of the molds, the top shell is placed over the bottom shell which has a plywood lip along its top.

The top is screwed onto the bottom shell through this plywood lip. Using a metal molding, a vinyl insert is then used to cover up stainless steel screws.

Built with Pride and Craftsmanship

The truck camper then proceeds to the assembly line where openings for doors, windows, and exterior compartments are cut out and assembly begins.

As the truck camper moves down the assembly line, cupboards, cabinets and appliances are installed and the exterior is completed.

Inspected and Tested

At the Final Inspection station, final finishing is completed and quality and systems checks are carried out.

Air pressure testing is the final test before the truck camper leaves assembly line.

Before it leaves the Northern Lite Factory, each truck camper is individually weighed and the actual weight is noted inside the truck camper.

The finished truck camper is now ready to ship to one of our over 30 Authorized Dealers throughout North America.