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Why Northern Lite Truck Campers

Northern Lite brings over 30-years of experience into building the lightest and highest quality true 4-season truck campers on the market. Northern Lite is known throughout the RV industry for our quality, workmanship & the high end fit and finish on all of our products.

Norther Lite truck campers are built using a 2-piece fiberglass construction which eliminates unnecessary seams ensuring that even in the most extreme weather conditions, you and your family will remain warm and dry inside of your camper. Every Northern Lite is built with comfort in mind. Our interiors feature durable hardwood cabinetry, plush seating area cushions, ample headroom throughout, top end appliances, and a full-sized queen bed in the above cab sleeping area. When Mother Nature forces you to stay inside of your Northern Lite camper, you won’t mind one bit!

All Northern Lite products carry, in addition to the standard manufacturer’s one-year warranty, an inclusive six-year structural integrity warranty. When you buy a Northern Lite camper you not only receive the highest quality truck camper on the market but you also receive peace of mind knowing that if there is an issue, our industry leading warranty backed by our personal care and service will be there to make things right.

Industry Leading 6-Year Structural Warranty

4-Season Campers:
Built for Canadian Winters

Every Northern Lite truck camper comes standard with our Four Season design to help keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • R7 Insulation Rating
  • Thermal Pane Windows
  • Thermal Pane Skylights
  • Double Dome Fantastic Fan
  • Heated Tanks
  • Marine Fabric Header

All of which are standard features on every truck camper we build. Our furnace systems are all ducted to the basement areas which heats both the camper floor and the tanks. Unlike many of our competitors the bottom floor of every camper is also insulated as well we double insulate under every cab over bed to help prevent moisture when winter camping.

We recommend when shopping for your new four season camper that you go inside one our campers and close the door and listen to how quiet everything becomes… then try with one of our competitors.

10 Reasons Why Owners Love Their Northern Lite Campers.

2-Piece Fiberglass Construction
Two piece Fiberglass Clam shell truck camper design is built like a boat with only one seam making it one of the lightest four season truck campers on the market.
25% Lighter
Northern Lite fiberglass truck campers are built with chopped fiberglass and mating so no additional wood or aluminum framing is required, making them 25% lighter than conventional truck campers and results in the campers not being top heavy like a conventional built truck camper.
6-Year Structural Warranty
All Northern Lite Slide-In truck campers come with our industry leading six year structural warranty and are the only 5 Star rated Slide-in truck camper in all of North America.
Solid Hardwood Cabinets
All Northern Lite truck campers are built with solid plywood cabinets using solid hardwoods and paneling. No press board or photo finish panels are used. Nine ply Russian Birch is used in all drawers with full extension roller bearing drawer glides.
4-Season Insulation
All models are insulated using block foam insulation on the floor, walls, and ceilings with double insulation under the cab over bed.
Actual Weight
Unlike our competition, our campers actually weigh what we say they weigh not what we wished they weighed.
Under Mounted Jacks
All jack brackets are under mounted (both front and rear) so the entire camper is lifted instead of putting all the stress on the front and back walls and made of aluminum so they won’t rust.
Molded Design
Molded design improves aerodynamics, which results in better fuel mileage and handling as well it creates roof corners and edges that won’t leak like our competitors.
Easy to Maintain
High end gel coat finish along with only one seam makes is a very easy truck camper to maintain.
Top Of The Line Standard Features
All Northern Lite truck campers come standard with two 100-watt solar panel and 30-amp digital solar regulator, LED lighting inside and out, electric jacks, aluminum bumper steps, thermal pane windows and skylights.

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Go Anywhere!

As the lightest 4-season camper on the market, combined with a low center of gravity, Northern Lite campers go well beyond where trailers and other RVs are forced to stop.

Comfort of Home

Hardwood cabinetry, plush seating, ample headroom, full sized queen bed, and top of the line appliances; Northern Lite truck campers bring the comfort of home to wherever you are.

Take Your Toys

Northern Lite truck campers are the perfect solution for anyone looking to take their toys with them on their next adventure. Tow a trailer with your boat, sleds, motorbikes or your UTV and go further than any other RV option.

Over 30-Years of History

In 1989, a group of experienced RV builders, working for a major fiberglass truck camper manufacturer saw a niche in the RV market and established Northern Lite Mfg. to design and build a fiberglass truck camper to fit import trucks.

The company evolved and eventually began to produce a complete line of full-sized truck campers.

In 1989, two entrepreneurs, Mac Donkin and Lloyd Gartrell, who had sold their successful businesses and decided to retire, each purchased with their wives, a Northern Lite Camper for a once in a lifetime tour across Canada and the US and after that a tour to Alaska. After spending 7 months on the road traveling, these gentlemen were so impressed with the quality and workmanship of their Northern Lite Campers that they decided that when they returned home they would invest in this growing company. They felt that if they and their wives were so pleased with these campers, then other buyers would be impressed also.

After 4 years of being investors, Mac and Lloyd decided to buy the rest of the Company. Putting their business experience to work, and emphasizing the importance of building a quality product, Mac and Lloyd expanded the Company until today Northern Lite is now one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of molded fiberglass truck campers in North America.