True 4-Season Campers

Every Northern Lite camper is built for maximum comfort, no matter what mother nature can throw at you. Our 4-season truck campers will keep you toasty warm on a ski trip in a frigid Canadian winter and cool in the summer while boondocking in the middle of Arizona. Spending two rainy weeks camping along the Oregon Coast? Your Northern Lite’s 2-piece fiberglass construction will keep the water on the outside where it belongs.

Beyond our weather proof fiberglass shell, Northern Lite truck campers are loaded with features to keep comfortable in the most extreme conditions:

All of which are standard features on every truck camper we build. Our furnace systems are all ducted to the basement areas which heats both the camper floor and the tanks. Unlike many of our competitors the bottom floor of every camper is also insulated as well we double insulate under every cab over bed to help prevent moisture when winter camping.

Tested to -20c with water onboard!

We recommend when shopping for your new four season camper that you go inside one of our campers and close the door and listen to how quiet everything becomes then try with one of our competitors.