Floor Plans and Bathrooms

Northern Light offers several models of true 4-season campers to choose from. The various models provides choices of options such as wet or dry bath and face-to-face or u-shape dinette. Each of those options slightly alters the standard floor plan.


10-2 Dry Bath - New extra large size!

10-2 Wet Bath

8-11 Dry and Wet Bath

9-6 Wet Bath

Bathroom Dimensions

Truck Camper Bathroom Dimensions
10-2 Dry Bath 36"W X 53"L X 76"H (Shower Area: 31" x 36")
9-6 and 8-11 Wet Bath 30"W X 36 3/4"L X 75"H
10-2 Wet Bath 36"W X 41"L X 76 1/2"H
8-11 Dry Bath 30 1/2"W X 40 1/4"L X 73"H