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Northern Lite continues to build and ship campers everyday into the United States and across Canada. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide tours of the plant.  Dealers are open by appointment as well as through their online stores.

Truck Campers

Built for Adventure

Northern Lite truck campers are built to withstand whatever Mother Nature can throw at you. Our two-piece fiberglass construction will keep you warm in the coldest Canadian winter, cool during an Arizona summer and dry during a torrential downpour on the Oregon Coast.

2021 Northern Lite
Truck Camper Editions

The flagship Limited Edition series brings the high-quality construction and features that you expect from our popular Special Edition series and then takes things to the next level.

Our most popular series of 4-season truck campers. The Special Edition is loaded with features and built to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable no matter the conditions!

The lightest true 4-season slide in truck camper on the market, the Sportsman Edition has all of the features needed to take you on your next adventure in total comfort!

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The Lightest 4-Season Truck Campers on the Market

Vicky Nelson
Northern Lite Owner
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We love our 10-2 special wet bath. It has been super versatile: we boondock, stay in luxury campsites, and stay cool or warm for tailgaiting or waiting for the fireworks on the 4th of July! Love the new colors of the interiors and second solar panel for the 2020’s. Keith has always been so nice and helped us when we do stupid stuff!! Thank you NL !!
Zenobia Bowman
Northern Lite Owner
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Bought our new 2019 9.5 camper in April drove down from Alaska to Winfield Canada and picked it up. Had a great trip back north no issues. Just got back from another week trip to Denali Park and on the way stop to get a sweatshirt for my husband!
Loren Kroeker
Northern Lite Owner
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Great quality, I’ve had mine for 3 years and not a single problem. That’s very different from what I read about other RVs.
Paul Gallien
Northern Lite Owner
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I have owned 3 other truck campers (from another brand) and travel all seasons for work and play so I am almost in them half time. over the years I learned what was problematic with function and layout. I though I just had to "live with it" until last week I stopped at an RV show where the rep showed me a NL 10-2. basically all of the short comings of my current camper and the two before, were addressed in this design. Furthermore I scrutinized the cabinetry, the catches, the structural (I am a Structural Engineer ) the one piece Bottom and top shell (genius) and I told the rep.. I have to have one, I had dually brackets installed and a second solar panel and I pick it up Thursday.
Herlinde Marc
Northern Lite Owner
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We have a Northern Lite 9.6 Q-SE truckcamper, on a Ford F350 4x4 longbox truck. We bought this combination new in May 2015. We are Belgians, live in our truckcamper since we bought it and travel around Northern Amerika. We like our truckcamper, it offers a lot of comfort. Happy that we have a four season unit. In summer it remains nice and cool, thanks to the fiberglass and lot\'s of windows. During winter, we never have cold inside, even with very negative temperatures outside, stayd in -16°C without any problems. We like our truckcamper so much that we plan to ship it to other continents in a few years, to continue travelling with it. THANK YOU NORTHERN LITE !
Betty Clark
Northern Lite Owner
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My husband, who initially was opposed to the camper, was totally won over by the end of our first almost month long vacation. No hassle backing in the trailer, or finding a spot long enough. Park and play. Dinner wherever we were (no dropped trailer 20 miles away). Incredible huge windows and cross ventilation. Elegant wood finishes. Fantastic workmanship and design. The only problem was the (adult) kids calling to ask us when we were coming home! You see, we just kept going and going.

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Our mission is to design and build the lightest, most durable, aerodynamic, true 4 season truck campers equipped with standard features that are practical and useful.

Keith Donkin, President