How-To Videos

When you purchase a Northern Lite, you want to ensure that your investment will last generations. We have put together a series of How-To Videos to help you properly maintain and operate your Northern Lite 4-season truck camper.

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How to Convert Your U-Shaped Table into a bed

Here is a short video on how to easily convert your u-shaped table into a comfortable bed.

How to Use Your Water Heater

A quick overview on how to use the water heater in a Northern Lite truck camper. What does the red light really mean???

How to Unload Your Northern Lite Truck Camper

Unloading your Northern Lite Truck Camper from your truck is a fairly simple process but there’s a couple of little things you need to watch for to ensure a quick and successful unloading. This video goes through the whole process of unloading you truck camper.

How to Tie Down Your Northern Lite Truck Camper

It’s critical that when you load your Northern Lite truck camper, you need to tie it down properly. If the tie downs are too tight or too loose, you may damage your camper. We recommend using Torklift FastGuns to properly secure your camper.

How to Manually Raise and Lower Your Jacks

If you ever have an electrical failure with your camper jacks, don’t worry! You can still manually jack your camper up to get it on to, or off of, your truck.

How to Load Your Northern Lite Truck Camper

Loading a truck camper may seem daunting to a new truck camper owner. We have put together this short video to show you just how easy it is to load your Northern Lite truck camper! After a few times you will have no problem loading your camper in under 10 minutes.

How to Setup Your Truck Bed to Haul Your Camper

What do you need to do to setup your truck bed in order for it to hold your Northern Lite truck camper? This video looks at what is needed in the back of your truck to safely haul your truck camper.

How to Dewinterize Your Northern Lite Truck Camper

With winter ending it’s time dewinterize your Northern Lite truck camper to get it ready for your next spring adventure! This video features a Northern Lite 10-2, but the same process can be used for our 8-11 and 9-6 models.

How to Winterize Your Northern Lite 10-2 Truck Camper

This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to winterize your Northern Lite 10-2 truck camper.

How to Winterize Your Northern Lite 8-11 Truck Camper

When the temperatures get cold, it’s critical that you winterize your Northern Lite 8-11 truck camper when not in use. This video goes through each step to properly winterize your truck camper.

How to Carry Your Bikes on a Northern Lite Truck Camper

We are asked all the time on the best way to carry bikes when traveling with a Northern Lite truck camper. This video will show you our preferred solution to this question!