2023 RV Show Schedule

Northern Lite attends RV shows all around North America. RV shows are a great place to experience the quality and comfort of Northern Lite truck campers and compare them to all of the other RV options out there. To find an RV show near you that Northern Lite will be attending, please see the regularly updated list below.

June 1-4, 2023

Biggest RV Selloff in Canadian History

Ottawa, ON
March 16-19, 2023

Quebec Outdoor Show

Quebec City, QC
March 17-19, 2023

Flint RV & Camping Show

Flint, MI
March 23-26, 2023

Metro RV Dealers-Twin Cities Super Show

Minneapolis, MN
March 30 - April 1, 2023

The Great American RV Show

Denver, CO
March 31-April 5, 2023

Evergreen Spring RV Show

Monroe, WA
April 1-2, 2023

The Fourstates Outdoor Expo

Joplin, MO
April 20-23, 2023

Central Oregon RV Dealer's Show

Redmond, OR
May 4-7, 2023

Puyallup RV And Manufactured Home Show

Puyallup, WA

Past Shows

March 9-12, 2023

Cal Expo - 35th Annual Spring RV Show

Sacramento, Ca
March 9-12, 2023

Central Oregon Sportsmen's Show

Redmond, OR
March 9-12, 2023

Portland Metro RV Dealer Show

Portland, OR
March 9-12, 2023

Port Huron RV & Camping Show

Port Huron, MI
March 3-5, 2023

Saskatoon Sports and Leisure Show

Saskatoon, SK
March 3-5 2023

Eugene Spring RV Show

Eugene, OR
Dealer: Sutton RV
March 3-5 2023

BC Sportsmen's Show

Abbotsford, BC
March 2-5 2023

Toronto Spring Camping RV Show

Toronto, ON
Dealer: Camp Out RV
March 2-5 2023

Milwaukee RV Show

Milwaukee, WI
Dealer: Prosser's Premium RV
January 18-22, 2023

Florida RV Super Show

Tampa, FL
January 19-22, 2023

Tacoma Dome RV Show

Tacoma, WA
January 19-22, 2023

Inland Northwest RV Show

Spokane, WA
January 26-29 2023

Calgary RV Expo

Calgary, AB
January 26-29 2023

Manitoba RV Show

Winnipeg, MB
Dealer: Steinbach Trailers & RV
January 30-February 5 2023

Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show

Tulsa, OK
February 1-5, 2023

Detroit RV and Camper Show

Novi, MI
February 2-5, 2023

Iowa's Original RV Show

Des Moines IA
February 9-12, 2023

Jacksonville RV Mega Show

Jacksonville FL
February 16-19,2023

Raleigh RV Show

Raleigh, NC
February 9-12, 2023

Edmonton RV Show

Edmonton, AB
Dealer: OutBack RV
February 16-19,2023

Seattle RV Show

Seattle, WA
Dealer: Apache Camping Center
February 17-20,2023

Alabama Huntsville RV Show

Huntsville, AL
Dealer: Bankston Motorhomes
February 16-19,2023

Austin RV Expo Trailer Show

Austin, TX
Dealer: Princess Craft RV
February 17-19, 2023

Philadelphia RV Show

Philadelphia, PA
Dealer: Parkview RV
February 17-20, 2023

Abbotsford Early Bird RV Show

Abbotsford, BC
Dealer: O'Connor RV Sales
February 23-25 2023

Northern Colorado RV & Outdoor Show

Loveland, CO
February 23-26 2023

Dallas RV Super Sale

Dallas, TX
February 24-26, 2023

Northern BC RV & Outdoor Expo

Prince George, BC
February 24-26 2023

Birmingham RV Show

Birmingham, AL
Dealer: Bankston Motorhomes
January 6-15, 2023

Ohio RV and Boat Show

Columbus, OH
Dealer: Specialty Auto and RV
January 7-15, 2023

Pittsburgh RV Show

Pittsburgh, PA
Dealer: Wise Trailer Sales
January 12-15, 2023

St Paul RV Super Show

St Paul, MN
January 12-15, 2023

Lethbridge RV Show

Lethbridge, AB
Dealer: Eldorado RV