Searching for Adventure in B.C.'s Nemaiah Valley

By Brad Trites

Nestled between the endless plateau of British Columbia’s Chilcotin region and the ramparts of the Coastal Mountains, the Nemaiah Valley is a remote and breathtaking location perfect for your next Northern Lite truck camper adventure.

Since time immemorial, the Nemaiah Valley has been the traditional home to the Xeni Gwet’in band of the Tsilhqot’in nation, stewards of this rugged and remote land. The band has worked to minimize development and overall human impact on this valley, ensuring a region that continues to remain wild and natural.

The valley holds numerous mountain lakes and streams loaded with wild trout. Thanks to restricted hunting, the forests are home to healthy populations of grizzlies, black bear, moose, and deer. Most notable though is the large population of wild Gayuse horses that the valley is well known for.

At an elevation of 4300 feet, the Nemaiah Valley from spring through fall can see all 4-seasons of weather in a single afternoon. You could wake up in the morning with an inch of snow on the ground and by the afternoon it could be +30°C. These are the types of environments that Northern Lite 4-season truck campers are built for!

Near the end of Nemaiah Valley Road you can take a left and follow a long dirt road that leads to the shore of Chilko Lake, where the Coastal Mountains meet the valley bottom. Here you will find one of the most beautiful provincial campgrounds in the province. Unlike most provincial campgrounds that are overflowing with guests, the Nu Chugh Beniz Campground has few guests filling the 16 available sites, each with a stunning view of the surrounding 360° landscape. If you are looking for camping spots even more on the remote side of things, a couple of the lakes in the area offer forest service sites. Access to many of the sites are not ideal for travel trailers or fifth wheels. If you have a truck camper, you shouldn’t have any issues.

To reach the Nemaiah Valley, you need to first travel to Williams Lake and then head west along Highway 20. At Lee’s Corner, which unfortunately was destroyed by a forest fire a few years ago, you will take a left and follow the Nemaiah Valley Road for a couple of hours towards your chosen destination. If you take a look at Google Streetview near Lee’s Corner, you should see a Northern Lite truck camper at this location!

Traveling to and from the valley takes some planning. Williams Lake, which is over 200KM from Chilko Lake, is the last place that you can purchase gas. This means that if you plan to do any exploring within the region, you will need to plan on bringing in extra fuel. You will also need to bring everything that you need with you as there are no stores to pick up forgotten items from.

As the Nemaiah Valley is the territorial home of the Xeni Gwet’in, it is strongly recommended that you contact the band to let them know that you are interested in visiting the valley. The band will provide you with any information that you need and inform you of any potential closures to the area. You can reach the band office through their website.

For those willing deal with the logistical challenges of accessing the Nemaiah Valley, rewards of stunning view, pristine wilderness, and numerous wildlife sightings await! Northern Lite truck campers are Built for Adventure, and the Nemaiah Valley provides the perfect backdrop for those in search of a true British Columbia interior adventure experience.