10-2EXCD Special Edition
Dry Bath

Every Northern Lite is built with comfort in mind. Our interiors feature durable hardwood cabinetry, plush seating area cushions, ample headroom throughout, top end appliances, and a full-sized queen bed in the above cab sleeping area. When Mother Nature forces you to stay inside of your Northern Lite camper, you won’t mind one bit!

Northern Lite truck campers bring the comfort of home to wherever you are.




Interior Headroom


Full Size Queen Bed


Dinette Bed

Interior Gallery

Two Dinette Options

Face-to-Face Dinette
U-Shapped Dinette

Roomier 10-2 Dry Bath with Shower Seat

New for 2021 is a re-designed 10-2 dry bath providing extra room and comfort! The 10-2 dry bath includes a divider that separates the toilet from the shower as well as a built in shower seat!

High Quality Craftsmanship

All Northern Lite truck campers are built with solid plywood cabinets using solid hardwoods and paneling. No press board or photo finish panels are used. Nine ply birch is used in all drawers with full extension roller bearing drawer glides.