Reasons To Buy A Truck Camper?

Are you looking at purchasing a new RV and wondering why you should consider a truck camper over other RV types such as a travel trailer, class A motorhome or a van conversion? Truck campers have several great qualities about them that make them the ideal RV choice for anyone looking to maximize the amount of adventure that they can get out of an RV. Below are a few of those key features to help you determine if a truck camper, and ultimately a Northern Lite Truck camper, is the right RV choice for you.

Small Footprint

One of the great things about a truck camper is the extremely small footprint. With only a couple of feet of camper overhanging the back bumper, you are able to drive into the smallest of provincial or state camping spots or back into that ideal boondocking spot along a river in the middle of nowhere. Your next camping spot can be anywhere that you are comfortable parking your truck!

Drop and Go!

Found that perfect camping spot but now want to go explore the backroads, or maybe just head into town for dinner? No problem. In just a few minutes you can have your camper unloaded and be on your way! Truck campers are extremely easy to load on to, and unload off of, your truck. With a little bit of practice it will take you less than 5 minutes to load and secure your camper to your truck. Yes, you can drop your trailer but often this involves backing up into tricky locations which can often be awkward with a trailer. With a truck camper you can back into the tricky spot, drop your camper and be on your way before the person unloading their trailer has even navigated into their spot.

Reverse is a Breeze

As mentioned above, unlike backing up a trailer which has a bit of learning curve to master, backing into your camping spot with a truck camper is extremely easy. It’s no more difficult than backing your car into a parking spot at the mall. As long as you are aware of your surroundings, you will have no problem reversing into locations that would cause a few curse words if you were backing up a trailer. Unlike a class A or a class C motorhome, a truck camper’s small footprint allows you to make those tighter turns and reduces the chance of backing into unseen objects hidden in blind spots.

No Registration

In most states and provinces you do not need to register your truck camper. This saves you money every year to spend on your actual adventures!

Go Where You Want

One of the top reasons to own a truck camper is the freedom that they provide to go wherever you want. Truck campers are able to easily go where most RVs can’t, or you just prefer not to! From getting into your secret fishing spot on a mountain stream to driving the Inuvik/Tuktoyaktuk Highway to navigating traffic in downtown Seattle, if you can drive there in a truck, you can probably get there with your truck camper. Truck campers allow you to get off of the beaten path and escape the crowds packed into popular easy access campgrounds.

Take Your Toys With You

When you have a truck camper, not only can you go where you want to go, but you can tow your favorite toys! Heading out for a weekend fishing trip? No problem, through your fishing boat on a trailer and get out there! Looking to do come UTVing or quadding? Not a problem. Heading out on the road for the next six months? Hook up a Toy Box and bring along everything you need for all of your adventures!

Now that you have determined that a truck camper is the right fit for your RV lifestyle, why should you consider a Northern Lite over other truck campers

Home on the Road

These aren’t your grandpa’s truck campers! As well as being more spacious than van conversions which are so popular right now, Northern Lite truck campers are loaded with all of the conveniences and comforts of home. A bathroom with shower, full sized queen bed, 3-burner stove with an oven to bake cookies, large fridge, entertainment system, and solar panels to power everything, and much, much more!

True 4-Season

Northern Lite truck campers are Built for Adventure and as such are true 4-season truck campers. They are built using 2-piece fiberglass construction that is not only leak proof but will keep you toasty warm well below zero. Northern Lite truck campers are tested to -20c with water onboard! 4-season also means that you will be nice and cool boondocking in the middle of an Arizona summer and bone dry during a fall storm on the Oregon coast!

Top Quality Craftsmanship

Every Northern Lite truck camper is built with over 30-years of experience and craftsmanship behind it. When you walk into a Northern Lite you see, feel, and hear the difference. All of the cabinetry is hand crafted from solid hardwood. When you close the door and windows, the outside world is silenced. The layout is designed to maximize usable space where you need it the most. Experience and craftsmanship results in a truck camper that stands out from the rest.

6-Year Structural Warranty

When you purchase a new Northern Lite, you are making an investment in a high-end truck camper that is going to last you and your family many, many, years. To provide you peace of mind with your decision to purchase a Northern Lite, we provide a standard 6-year structural warranty. This is the longest warranty in the industry!

Truck campers may not be ideal for everyone but if you are after an RV that allows you to go wherever adventure may take you combined with comfort and ease of use, then a truck camper is what you need! Finally, if you are looking for a top-rated truck camper loaded with features, built for a lifetime and providing true 4-season comfort, then a Northern Lite should be at the top of your list.