Waylon's Wagon

one family's quest to combine work, home, and the open road

waylon's wagon

Recently, some beautiful pictures featuring a Northern Lite truck camper with a unique trailer being towed behind it recently landed in the Northern Lite email box. Our team is used to seeing Northern Lite campers in some amazing locations, but seeing the cool looking trailer that was being towed, our curiosity was piqued so we reached out to Ginger McCabe for her story.

It all started when we had the idea of being able to travel (which we love to do) and work (which we have to do) at the same time! Growing up, both my husband and I traveled with our families a lot, so we’ve always had a sort of vagabond lifestyle. My dad owned a canvas shop, called Long Valley Canvas in Idaho, and he would close it down for times in the winter and other times he wanted to travel and then we would just take off in our van. But inevitably, we always had to come back so he could keep the canvas shop open!

I followed in my dad’s footsteps and have my own business in which I do custom motorcycle seat upholstery and canvas and leather bags based around his designs from the 80’s. My husband and I and our 4-year-old love to travel too, and have gone on many trips before we got the idea to have a tiny shop on wheels built. We suffered from the same problem of having to return home to make sure the business stayed functional and our bills could get paid! 

We hired some of our good friends,  Jeremy Tuffli and Joey Pepper, who are amazing builders to collaborate with us and come up with a universal shop in which I can produce 100% of my upholstery, and it also doubles as a trade show booth, and a retail shop depending on where we are. We call it Waylon’s Wagon (named after our daughter, who is named after Waylon Jennings).

My husband, Chris, works with a surfboard manufacturer Murdey Surfboards out of Portland and he takes surfboards to shops and events so there are racks in the wagon to display and transport surfboards. Once we decided to build the wagon, my husband started doing lots of research on campers and trucks. He immediately found that Northern Lite was the best out there and became a little obsessed, haha! We were able to find a pristine pre-owned 2018 10-2 just out of pure luck and determination. We ended up buying a dually truck from the owner as well. We were on our way back from a camping trip and got approved for a loan while driving, and the rest is history!

This spring, we are moved full time into our Northern Lite and will be pulling the wagon all around the Northwest. We plan to go through Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Washington, even possibly into Canada, exploring all different areas. We will inevitably stay at certain places for longer periods of time so that I can work, while taking smaller adventures with just the camper to places in the vicinity of wherever we have chosen to be our temporary home base.

The Northern Lite is perfect for us because it’s all weather, comfortable and spacious enough for our family without being too big and heavy. The quality is amazing and it definitely feels like home!

We will make sure to take lots of pictures of where we go and things we do with our camper!

You can follow Ginger, Chris and Waylon, as they explore the open road, through their Instagram accounts @newchurchmoto and @waylonswagon. As well, you can follow the builders of Waylon’s Wagon at @joeypepp and @tufflibuilt 

Have you gone on an epic road trip with your Northern Lite Truck Camper? We would love to hear about it and possibly feature it on In The Wild!