Thank You from a Northern Lite Owner

If the inevitability of change in one’s life gets compressed into a short time frame, there are bound to be decisions made in haste; the consequences of which, may be unknown in our immediate day to day existence. However, that haste may be a rather well thought out plan in the subconscious being. Percolating for years it may have started (in my case) as a weird kid in grade four who drew pictures of campers on trucks!

I retired from 35 years of teaching, raised a daughter only to have her move to another continent, dealt with a break -up, sold my home, overcame a health challenge, moved to a new community and bought a new truck and camper; all in a year’s time whew!

Fast track to the maiden voyage! I came to the tactile learning of all the highlighting I did in the equipment manuals. A new appreciation of the systems and build quality begins to emerge as I savor the moment; sitting in the dinette after a great day.

Just before I drift into slumber, nestled child like cozy into the bed of my Northern lite 9.6LE The diffuse, creative, ramblings begin. By now I have looked in every space, opened every drawer, run every system. My connection with this beauty grows stronger and an array of questions arise.

Who did all the incredible joinery in that Sapele wood? Who trimmed and fit the inside of the closet as if it were visible to the world? Who cared enough to employ their skills in making perfect- every piece of trim, upholstery, beading, exterior decals? Who was it with the technical expertise to design and lay out the electrical systems? plumbing systems?

A close friend once questioned my “hasteful” decision to spent so much money on something like this. He now understands that for me, it was the right decision; there is no doubt here.

Besides the cheque I wrote to a fabulous dealer, I offer the gift of my gratitude to all those crafts people, technicians, and builders who gave me more than just a camper.

Under the skies of Saskatchewan, in Grassland National Park, I hold on to the reality of many new adventures. Yes, my little home is a 9.6LE. It is my solace, and my sanction. I trust my detailing skills, and commitment to maintenance, will offer at least some form of respect and gratitude to those who built it.

David Ney,
Port Alberni B.C.