New Interior Options!

Introducing Black Diamond seating and Greystokes hard wood cabinets


With the increased popularity of truck campers in North America, there has been a rise for updated, modern interiors. Last year Northern Lite introduced the Limited Edition series of campers featuring gorgeous leather upholstery and solid hardwood cabinetry and tables. For 2020 we have decided to expand our interior options for our Limited Edition truck campers, starting with our modern Black Diamond leatherette seating and our Greystokes hardwood cabinetry.

The Black Diamond leatherette combines a bold red and black pattern that is a significant departure from the traditional upholstery patterns found in most RVs. The new Greystokes hardwood cabinetry and table borrows from the aesthetics popular in many of today’s modern homes. This contemporary color lightens up the interior and provides an increased sense of space.

Over the next few months we plan to provide additional upholstery and wood options for our Limited Edition series as well as our popular Special Edition series.

In response to numerous requests, Northern Lite is also offering a Solid Black version of the Black Diamond leatherette. The Black Diamond, Solid Black, and Greystokes are all now available for order through your local Northern Lite truck camper dealer.