How to Winterize Your Truck Camper

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When the temperatures drop down and you are not using your Northern Lite, you need to winterize your truck camper to protect your investment. Fortunately, we have made the winterization process quick and easy! The videos below offer a full walk through on how to winterize your Northern Lite 8-11 and 10-2. If your are winterizing a Northern Lite 9-6 you will simply follow the instructions provided in the 8-11 video.

If you need additional details on how to winterize your truck camper, you can also visit the How To Winterize Your Camper page listed in the Owners section.

How to Winterize Your
Northern Lite 10-2 Truck Camper

How to Winterize Your
Northern Lite 8-11 or 9-6 Truck Camper