How to Manage Moisture in Your Northern Lite Truck Camper

Northern Lite 4-season truck campers are designed to be water tight. This means that not only do they protect you from the outside elements, but moisture generated inside has a difficult time escaping. If you are spending time in a truck camper, or any other type of RV, that moisture needs to be actively managed, otherwise you are going to end up with condensation issues.

The human body exhales approximately ½ a liter of water each day. If you are camping with a partner for a week in your Northern Lite truck camper, even if you are only spending 8 hours per day in the camper, your bodies are going to exhale approximately a combined 2.5 liters of moisture per week into the interior. When you have a hot shower after a long day of hiking, or boil up a pot of water for spaghetti, you are adding even more moisture to the interior. How do you keep your truck camper or RV from becoming a soggy swamp?

To help solve the moisture issue, every Northern Lite 4-season truck camper uses marine grade fabric along the walls and ceiling. The purpose of this material is to help dissipate any condensation buildup along these surfaces. As well, to help prevent moisture buildup under the queen size mattress, Northern Lite campers include a Hyper Vent mattress spacer. This spacer allows for air to circulate beneath the mattress, helping it move out of the confined area where it can condense and pool, resulting in damage.

Even though Northern Lite campers are designed with features to help with moisture, you still need to actively manage your moisture situation. The first thing that you need to do is ensure there is ventilation. Always have a window and a vent open when the camper is occupied. The window doesn’t have to be fully open, just an inch or two. This will provide a way for the moisture to escape. Second, during colder months keep your temperature at 74°F. The warmer temperature helps reduce condensation. Finally, when you have a shower, or boil water, turn the fans on until all of the moisture is gone.

If for some reason you don’t follow the above steps for actively managing moisture before it occurs and you suddenly find that everything is damp, you will need to get really aggressive to solve the problem. You are going to have to turn your heat well up above normal. Fans are going to have to be put on high, even when not in the camper, and you might need to bring in a de-humidifier to help things out. Obviously, the best thing is to keep the moisture from occurring in the first place and follow the previously mentioned steps.

Northern Lite 4-seaon truck campers are built to last decades but to ensure they remain in top condition; you do need to ensure that they are properly used and maintained. Managing moisture will not only keep you dry and comfortable, it will prevent the occurrence of mold and damage to the wood. Fortunately, once you know what’s needed to be done, managing moisture in your Northern Lite truck camper or RV is a fairly easy process.