8 Reasons Why RVing will be Popular After COVID-19

original article posted on RVLife.com


With COVID-19 forcing people to stay home and cancel their trips for the next couple of months, there is a lot of concern around what will happen to the tourism industry in North America. Obviously at Northern Lite, as a truck camper manufacturer, we are particularly interested in what the outlook is for the RV oriented tourism industry.

We recently came across an article on RVLife.Com, written by David Helgeson, which provides  8 reasons on why they think the RV industry will flourish after COVID-19.  We tend to agree with these points!

  1. Just like we witnessed after 9/11, people may be reluctant to return to the confined space of an airplane after practicing the safety of social distancing for so long and opt for RV travel instead.
  2. People that may have planned to take a cruise are likely to opt for an RV vacation as an alternative as they will not be confined to a small enclosed space with thousands of others where the virus may still be lurking.
  3. The thought of traveling abroad to foreign countries may still be a concern for many.
  4. Traveling by RV allows people to prepare their own meals consuming them in their own space or outdoors, not in restaurants where they were banned from during the outbreak.
  5. You can camp out in the boondocks where you don’t have to interact with others during the check-in process, touch hard surfaces like water faucets and electrical hookups, and minimize the risk of encountering any lingering virus.
  6. Sleeping in your own bed every night and using your own bathroom is always preferred over the alternatives, especially after an infectious outbreak when you questioned every surface you came in contact with.
  7. RVs lend themselves to outdoor activities where crowds are nonexistent like hiking, biking, fishing, geocaching, photography, off-roading, rockhounding, exploring back roads, kayaking, etc.
  8. You know when the interior of the RV was last sanitized and by who (you)!


Thank you to RVlife.com for the above 8 points around why RVing will continue to flourish after things settle down with COVID-19. You can read the original article, and many more, here.