New for 2020 Northern Lite Lineup:
Updated Interior Options!

Black and Steel Grey Leatherette

Six New Leatherette Options
to choose from!

One of the top requests that we hear from people is to expand our selection of modern interior decor choices. Last year, in response to those requests, we began to introduce several new modern leatherette cushion options as well as a new hardwood option.

Our 2020 lineup of 4-season truck campers now has 6 modern looking, and extremely comfortable, leatherette options to choose from:

Black Diamond, Black and Steel Grey, Black and Light Grey, Solid Black, Brown and Light Grey, and our original leatherette, Chocolate Sandstone.

As well we now have two hardwood options to choose from: our original and much loved, Sapele hardwood, and our new contemporary looking Greystokes hardwood.

The various leatherette options are not available in every model.

Available in the Limited Edition Series:
Black Diamond – Channeled, Red is the center.
Black – Channeled.
Black and Light Grey – Channeled, Light Grey is the center.
Black and Steel Grey – Channeled, Steel Grey is the center.
Chocolate Sandstone – Fanned with Logo, Sandstone is the center.
Brown and Light Grey – Fanned, Light Grey is the center.

Available in the Special Edition Series:
Brown and Light Grey – Fanned, Light Grey is the center.

Greystokes Hardwood
Cabinetry and Table

All of the new leatherette options look amazing with  our new Greystokes hardwood cabinetry and table. All of our cabinets, both Greystokes and Sapele, are solid wood. Unlike other manufacturers, we do not use photo finish surfaces.

Greystokes Hardwood Cabinets

At Northern Lite we are always listening to our customers on ways to further improve our true 4-season truck campers. We are very proud of our 2020 lineup of truck campers and will continue to listen to our customers and other RV consumers to ensure that we build the best truck campers on the market.