Northern Lite Videos

8-11 Limited Edition and 10-2 Limited Edition 3rd Party Walk through.

Watch this in depth 3rd party walk through and review of two Northern Lite truck campers. Explore an 8-11 Limited Edition Wet Bath and a 10-2 Limited Edition Wet Bath camper. Both mounted on Ford F-350s and showcased at the RVDA Convention Expo.

Northern Lite Truck Campers - Built for Adventure

Built for Adventure, Northern Lite truck campers will keep you warm in the coldest Canadian winter, cool during an Arizona summer and dry during a torrential downpour on the Oregon Coast.

How to Carry Your Bikes on a Northern Lite Truck Camper

We are asked all the time on the best way to carry bikes when traveling with a Northern Lite truck camper. This video will show you our preferred solution to this question!

Northern Lite truck campers 'In The Wild'

Take a journey with Northern Lite owners as they travel with their Northern Lite truck campers to amazing locations around North America and beyond.

5 Reasons to Buy a Northern Lite Truck Camper

The list of reasons to buy a Northern Lite truck camper is long so we put together a short video highlighting 5 reasons to choose Northern Lite over other RV brands.

Northern Lite 8-11 EX LE WB Truck Camper Tour

Take a quick tour of the Northern Lite 8-11 EX LE Wet Bath truck camper.

2019 Northern Lite 10-2EXCD Limited Edition Dry Bath

Take a tour of our new Limited Edition which can now be ordered from dealers in any model size but hurry as we are only building 100!

2019 Northern Lite 10-2EXCD Special Edition Wet Bath

Take a tour of the 2019 Northern Lite 10 2EXCDSE, our largest 4-season camper with a wet bath.

2019 Northern Lite 8-11EX Wet Bath SE

Explore the 2019 Northern lite 8-11EX Wet Bath. This is the longest dinette short box truck camper that we build.

Tour of the Northern Lite Plant

Take a tour of the Northern Lite plant and see where every Northern Lite truck camper is built.