Few things remain as vivid in our memory over our life as,

“The Family Road Trip”.

Rolling down the road, the humdrum of your everyday life in the rear-view mirror, taking in all of the sights, sounds, and joyous feelings of your journey.

From the laughter of your children to the cold crisp water of a mountain lake splashing on sun kissed skin.

The smell of pine trees as you hike along an unfamiliar trail and the warmth of the campfire as you share stories with those you love.

Landscapes of rugged mountains, turquoise lakes and endless wilderness become your playground.

The family road trip is where bonds are strengthened, and family legends are born, to be recounted for years to come as if it were the day they were first lived.

Built for ultimate comfort and to last from one generation to the next, Northern Lite 4-season truck campers push your horizon further, providing you and your family with endless memories, strengthening the bonds between those that are most important to you.

Where will your Northern Lite take you?

Northern Lite Limited Edition

Our flagship fully loaded 4-season truck camper series
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10 Reasons to Buy a Northern Lite

There are many reasons to buy a Northern Lite 4-season truck camper. Here are a few to get you started...
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