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Over the years a strong community of Northern Lite owners has developed around the world. From exploring the rugged coast line of the Pacific North West to boondocking along the Florida Panhandle, Northern Lite owners embark on amazing trips and adventures. At Northern Lite we want to share the stories, destinations, and helpful hints of the community to help inspire others to take their Northern Lite campers to the end of the road and beyond.

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waylon's wagon

Waylon’s Wagon

This spring Ginger, Chris and Waylon moved into their Northern Lite truck camper full time and hit the road!

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In The Wild – Joshua Tree

Northern Lite truck campers are built for adventure and we love seeing them In The Wild! Gregory Parker recently shared this beautiful photo of his Northern Lite camper in Joshua Tree National Park.

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In The Wild – Haida Gwaii

In the first year of owning their Northern Lite 8-11 EX Special Edition, Bob and Bev Horst explored over 42,000km of road and epic campsites across the Western United States and Canada.

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When you have a Northern Lite truck camper, just because the road stops it doesn’t mean that you have too… Learn more at https://northern-lite.com/why-northern-lite/
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Following the endless road along the Inuvik–Tuktoyaktuk Highway. Northern Lite truck campers are built for this!
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Exploring the back roads of Utah in a Northern Lite truck camper.

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