U shaped or Face to Face Dinette?

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    Brian Medley

    We are getting ready to order a 9.6 LE. The only thing we have not been able to decide is which dinette would work best. We think that the U shaped dinette might be nicer for lounging and watching TV. The face to face is a larger table and probably better for meal time, etc.?

    Can anybody input how well your configuration is working/not working for you?

    Thank you for your input!


    We have the face to face dinette in our 8.11. It is just the wife and I so room is not a problem. I like the idea of the U-shaped dinette for lounging and would probably have gone that route but I don’t remember it being an option on our 2017. I have no complaints about the face to face dinette, however.

    Brian Medley

    Thanks for the response. We are leaning toward the U-Shaped dinette. Particularly since they just started offering the U-Shaped 9″ wider.


    We have the U shaped dinette. Initially we thought we’d use the seat against the wall for lounging, but it it is mostly used to stack stuff on. I cut a couple of nice pieces of birch plywood to make pullouts for under the dinette seats to support our legs and feet like a recliner. This works for us, but we aren’t big people.

    Les Jenkins

    we have the U shaped dinette in our 10-2 EXLE. Didn’t order it but we preferred the look when we were shopping. After having used it for a while I was not sure we made the right decision. Its pretty squishy. Now however, I am convinced we made the right decision because we made a lithium conversion and under the back of the outside seat on the U shaped dinette its dead air, so we put 4 x 100 ah batteries there, and still have room to add a drawer above those. It worked out very well. Under the seat backing on to the pantry, there is more unused room as well so I have the DC/DC converter and an inverter and still have room for 2 more batteries if I want to expand. So all in all if you plan on doing what I did, you won’t go wrong with the upgraded dinette.

    Dale Hardy

    We just picked up our 2022 8-11 EXLE which came with U shaped dinette, and we like it at least as much if not better than the face to face we had in a 9-6 years ago. You do give up the second pull out storage drawer on the end of the bench in the seat next to the bathroom, but the storage under the seat against the wall is fairly large. It breaks down to the bed version quite easily and we find we can prop up against the corner sitting together facing the TV if desired. It’s just the wife and I so it really works well. We also like the way the table moves around for and aft. But if you anticipate regularly accommodating 4 adults at the table it may not be the best option, but may work okay since you’re getting the 10-2 with a larger dinette area. Obviously seeing both in the flesh is ideal but sometimes not possible.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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