Traveling with Refg. on propane

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    Does anybody travel with their refg. running on propane? Would the flame blow out or otherwise cause problems? We have a couple of long road days and would like to keep the food from becoming warm or spoiled. Most of the travel would be on interstates so camper would remain fairly level. I guess we could put a block of ice in the refg. but it would take up a lot of space.

    Scott G

    I have always traveled with the fridge running on propane. Have never had an issue with the flame blowing out.

    S S

    We to always travel with frig on propane, works great for us, thru weather, interstate, backroads. Can go approximately 14 days on 20 lb. Tank. Using propane just for frig.
    Happy camping✌


    Thanks you guys. I always thought it was safer to turn the frig off and worry about the food. Guess I’ll put that thought to rest.


    Northern Lite

    Hi Bill, pretty much the only time you need to turn it off is when you go on a ferry. Other than that, you are good to go!

    Craig & Kim

    We always put our refrigerator on battery when traveling. Works great. If you need to make a long stop with your truck not running then maybe turn it on propane.
    Hope that helps.


    We always travel with the fridge on propane, except on a ferry. We’ve had no problems even at altitudes of 10k feet.

    Larry James

    We traveled with the fridge on propane for years it worked great. One time something fell out of a cabinet and hit the knob on the propane stove and turned the burner on. We had a dog in the back. Fortunately we noticed before it was too late but I always turn the propane tanks off when traveling now! It took a while for me to get an adequate setup for charging the house battery off the truck I will share that elsewhere but I run the fridge on DC mode now when driving.
    Safe travels!


    We had a couple of instances where we accidentally turned on the stove top while brushing by it, or leaning against it while getting stuff out of a cabinet. To address this problem my wife cut some spacers from heavy felt to fit behind the stove knobs. They are kind of a wishbone shape. They can be slipped off for use of the stove and quickly and easily reinserted behind the knobs when we are finished cooking. The knobs won’t turn with the spacers in place.


    We’ve always traveled with our fridge on propane without incident with the exception of traveling on ferries where it’s not allowed.
    We tried using 12 volt on our previous unit in the summer but the fridge temperature increased and the batteries voltage slowly decreased, once switched back everything was fine again.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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