REMINDER: Sealing around vents on camper roof

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    I got our 8.11 out of the pole barn on Saturday for the upcoming season and spent a good part of the weekend getting it ready for camping.

    Our 8.11 is a 2017 and this weekend was the first time I had to do any sealing on the roof around vents etc. I used Dicor Self Leveling sealant on the roof and bthe two main areas I had to seal was around the Fantastic Fan and the bathroom vent. There were a few other places where the original sealant had slightly cracked or separated so I put Dicor in those areas as well.

    I also had to replace the bathroom vent cover as it had a small piece broken off of it on one of the corners and I noticed it was also pretty brittle.

    I used Proflex RV along the top edges of all my windows and in a few other places where the caulking had separated. I was glad to get that done as you all know, water intrusion is the death of an RV.

    I flushed the antifreeze from the lines, filled up the water tank and hot water heater with 3/4 cup of Clorox bleach, ran it through the lines and will drain in out this afternoon and then fill it up and drain it one more time. Other than general wipe down of the surfaces and restocking the fridge etc. with food, I am ready to roll again for this year.

    My main purpose in posting this is to remind everyone to check your roofs, windows etc. and reseal them if need be.

    Have a great summer of camping!


    Hi Scott thanks for the valuable information. Just wondering where you add the 3/4 Clorox solution when sanitizing your lines. Thanks

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    Mike, sorry for the late response, I have been at a conference down in St George, UT this week. To answer your question, I put the clorox directly into the fresh water tank where you fill it with a hose.

    David Guido

    To sanitize my fresh wster tank
    I heard that 1/4 cup of bleach
    per 15 gal was adequate and let it stew
    for at lesst 4 hrs before flushing.
    Does this sound adequate? thanks


    My tank is 33 gallons and I use 3/4 cup of bleach so I think you are pretty accurate. Once I put it in the fresh water tank and run it through the lines I will drive around for a bit to make sure it sloshes around the tank real well. I typically leave mine overnite and drain it the next morning, fill it again and run fresh water through the lines and then drain again. After that I am ready to go.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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