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    Jay Etnier

    Really happy to finally have a Northern Lite forum. I will make three posts in the next few days, here is my first.

    We have an 8-11 SE and needed a spot to store our grill (small stainless from Cabella’s). I made a sheet metal box from 24 gage sheet that is cheap and easy, then attached it to the U bolts holding the patio, so NO holes drilled and NO interference with any function of the coach.

    I’ll post pictures in media of the entire project. I no longer have the same access, so I will have to have someone else make this unit out of 20 gage and paint it white.

    This is successful version 1, V2 will be improved.

    Scott G

    I have a small Weber grill that uses the Coleman (green) propane bottles and legs that fold under the bottom of the unit when not in use. I can fit the bottom perfectly in my slide out tray but the lid has to go inside and sit on the bottom of the rear clothes closet on our 8.11.
    About the only other inside storage for something like this is the rear storage closet. Other than that, you might just put in behind your driver seat in your truck if you have a crew cab.

    edit: I responded before I saw all your photos of the box you put on the back porch.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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