Cabover Closet in 10-2

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    Brian Medley

    We have a 2022 10-2 LE received in Apr. 2022. We like it a lot and are looking forward to using it for many years. On a trip a few weeks ago I had 4 t-shirts hanging in the cabover closet. When we got to our destination the hanging rail had torn out of the closet ceiling. I worked on it for a bit and was not able to find any structure to reattach the screws. Just left it off until we got home. I contacted NL and asked them if they could send me drawing of where there was structure above the closet. The response was there is no structure. The closet hanging rail is held with three small screws going into luan!!!! Kind of like screwing into cardboard. I have now reinstalled with 10 screws into the luan and we will not be using this closet to hang anything. Just a heads up to any of you using this closet. Suggest also checking the main closet as it also does not have enough support from the factory. I added quite a few screws to that one and some of that had purchase. It will probably be fine with the added screws. Very disappointing. Lots of great things about this camper and few that leave you wondering what they were thinking.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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