Will A/C work when plugged into 110 power?

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    Wondering if anyone has used their A/C while plugged into a home 110 power socket?
    What about if it has a soft start?
    Thanks for answers!

    David Anderson

    It will work if you have it plugged into a circuit with a high enough amperage breaker.
    Much better if your unit has a soft start to minimize the short spikes that can pop a breaker.
    I have a soft start on our unit’s AC. If I try to run it on a 120v 15 amp circuit in my garage which has other demands on it, the AC will pop the breaker even with the soft start.
    If I run it off a 120V 20 amp circuit (washer/laundry room) it will work just fine.

    Ford B Cook

    Yes you can run an AC off a normal outlet with Soft or Easy start. Just be sure everything but fridge is off and use short but thick extension cord. I run this for days when I prep for trips and the unit is in the drive way here in Florida and it is HOT !!

    S S

    Yes Dave and Ford are correct with their knowledge.
    That being said ,our campers are 120 volt 30 amp. So a home 110 volt (same as 120 volt) will work ,as long as breaker is min. 20. amp, max 30amp. 30 preferably because of startup amps. I also have a Micro Air Easy Start installed on my roof AC. Start up amps can exceed 49 amps so good possibility of popping a small breaker @ house. This unit also ramps up at start up making it quieter and less strain on your AC. Install is fairly easy if your mechanically inclined.
    Also I have installed wall mounted Thermostat to cycle AC unit on and off as temp setting is set to desired temp.
    Hope all of our info helps you enjoy your NL!


    The stock AC on my 2021 10.2 is plugged into the GFI outlet on my house and comes on without issue.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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