What is the coldest temperature you camped?

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    What is the coldest you have camped in? Any issues or tips?

    In particular, curious if anyone has camped below the rated -20C (-4F).


    Not yet. The last week of December was planning a trip where temps were -8F to 10F but cancelled as that was too cold for me to enjoy. Instead spent the week in a different spot with 2 feet of snow and temps of 18F to 28F. It was my first cold camping in my 2021 EX8-11. I had my thermostat set at 70, but I did notice that sitting at the table so you can watch TV you are directly below the thermostat, so I would adjust it accordingly. We lost shore power for about 18 hours, with no generator or solar (panels covered in snow) my batteries never dropped below 82% under light load and always rebounded to 100% with no load.
    Overall I could not be more pleased with how everything went. One full tank of propane lasted 3 1/2 days (1 person) for heat and cooking only, under those conditions. I did notice condensation would form on the wardrobe wall above the battery compartment if I left the doors closed on the coldest evenings. So I started leaving most of my cabinets open to keep everything above the dew point.
    In retrospect I am so glad I had the dealer install a cover for the Fantastic fan, without it the 2 feet of snow and ice on the roof would have made it pretty useless like the bathroom fan was.
    I would not hesitate to take it out in colder temps but for me single digits or lower just is not fun.
    My 2 cents from the peanut gallery. Good luck, stay warm out there.


    Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you had an awesome experience!

    I am not an owner, yet. But getting very close to ordering one. Currently, our setup is a Jeep + roof top tent. And we use a diesel heater to blow dry warm air into the tent. Has kept us warm without condensation in as low as 5F.

    Hoping the Northernlite heater will be as effective. Or whether I will need an additional heater for very low temps..

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    Francois Lafontaine

    I have camped to about -5F at 10,000′ elevation and high winds earlier this year. The temp did drop in the high 50s during the night even with furnace running constantly. Was fine with me. As soon as I woke up and cooked breakfast, temp was back to 70s.

    Clay Piper

    Excellent info…especially regarding the vent covers.


    Whistler -24 with Wind chill @ -30 over the Christmas Weekend. *It was cozy as can be, BUT bring extra Propane!!! That furnace & hot water tank was working over time, Set at 70 is too hot. 65ish seems to work OK. (I think my thermostat might be screwed up) Remember, if you are traveling in super cold (round trip) account for travel time. You will need your furnace on the whole trip. 2x days per tank is my estimate at those Temps. FYI: That cold weather is NO fun. I did it just to test it out!


    Well done and very brave. That is some cold ass stuff there. I should have mentioned that 70 degree setting was when I was sitting below the thermostat, otherwise it was set lower for sleeping etc.
    I am surprised how long a single propane tank lasts though and agree if you doing an extended trip extra propane, shore power or generator would be good ideas.

    Les Jenkins

    My wife and I camped for 5 days at -25c and found it to be quite comfortable inside. the only issue we had was moisture build up. The windows and walls – especially at the head of the bed between the mattress and the wall (and ice around the window). We were just diligent about wiping the moisture off. That said, we did find that if we sleep backwards (that is, feet to the front), there was less moisture build up in the sleeping area. Also, in the morning we would crack the roof vents to help remove the moisture. We kept the furnace low at night – we bought some 12v heated blankets off amazon and they work great. https://www.amazon.ca/Zone-Tech-Car-Travel-Blanket/dp/B08L45FVZX?ref_=ast_sto_dp
    As for plumbing, during this time we used bottled water (water system remained winterized) because I didn’t want to take a chance of lines freezing. before using the drains however, I put some antifreeze down first. Since then I installed some thermometers with sensors in the basement near the tanks to monitor the temp. We don’t make a point of camping in the winter, but I am definitely not worried about using it in any weather.

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