What goes under your camper?

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    I’ll definitely consider 2×8. That actually might be easier to handle and store with the narrower width. Thanks!

    I think, the 2022’s, may be a refresh for the F350+ models, so may change. I think ’21 was refresh for the F150’s. Just a matter of how.
    I feel your pain. I missed the cutoff for the 2020’s and had to wait quite a while as I had to factory order. I was the first dually the dealer had sold and the first 7.3 gas on the island, and I think my sales guy said maybe the first 7.3 in the province as well.


    Turns out the foam comes 2×8 anyway, so that’s what it’ll be. Might consider a small filler strip for the center to slide in between them. Keep them wedged a bit up to the wheel wells so to lessen the chance of shifting.
    I got two sheets of the 20psi board today. And if your spray in bed liner is like mine, those sheets stick to is like glue. Barely slide a single in and out without lifting it.

    The foam was $60/sheet. And I found a specialty wood store that carries Baltic Birch in 4×8′ sheets, as apposed to the usual 5×5′ sheets. But the 1/2″ is $109/sheet. So this ain’t cheap. 🙂


    Delivery is getting close, seems I won in the 2022 Chip lottery. I did get the factory spray in bed liner and I’ve talked with my N-L camper dealer and they use the structural board between the bed and bed mat so I’m hoping this is all going to work well. Thanks for your help Bert.

    Les Jenkins

    I have a 2020 F-350 DRW under a NL 10-2 EX LE. The truck has a spray in Line-X bedliner which is very grippy. On top of that I have Fiberglass Pink rigid insulation foam board 1″ I think (may be 1.5″ cost CA$100), then on top of that I have a Black Armor bed mat (amazon.ca $329). Camper never moves. Wont dispute any experts that say foam board could be a problem in certain circumstances, however I can say that we have had this for 3 years and have had no issues. On huge benefit to this setup is that its “modular” so I can remove and store it easily and doesn’t weigh a ton (like the tailgate, ugg).
    As a mod to this design I am thinking of cutting that foam board in such a way that it could act as a (short) tailgate for when we remove the camper while on the road.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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