Should I skip the genny?

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    BethanDan Hailey

    I just found out that the TC I ordered back in Feb, Northern lite 811, got pushed back another month due to the generator shortage. So, I am wondering should I even spend the 5K for the genny. It is very quiet and I ordered it because I like AC and I like going south. However the rep told me that now my TC will come with 2-200 watt solar panels since it is a 2022 build. I am putting the TC on a 2020 F350 with the camper package, 2 batteries and 2 alternators.
    S0…. My question is: Has anyone had any experience with not enough amps to run the AC, and microwave going all solar. If I go all solar I would buy a pair of 100 AMP Li batts (probably group 31) to run the electrics.
    Should I skip the genny?
    Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!

    David Guido


    Northern Lite

    Your AC will not run off of your solar. You will need either a geni or shore power for it. If time is an issue for you though to get your camper, you can always use a portable geni such as a Honda 2200 instead of the built in Onan.
    Hope this helps!

    Scott G

    My 8.11 is a 2017 model and I bought a Honda 2000 (they had not yet come out with the 2200) for a little over $800 dollars. It will run my A/C just fine but to be honest with you, I have rarely used it because most of my camping is here in Wyoming at higher altitude so I don’t really need it for that.
    What I do like about having it though is for backup power should I ever need it. My camper just has the one 95 watt solar panel and I have never run out of power while camping.
    The generator fits great in the rear passenger side cabinet. My personal opinion would be to forgo the generator, buy a Honday 2200 and just carry it with you.

    S S

    Hello campers,
    Well we all know everyone has an opinion on many things, all good!
    I happen to have a onan/cummins 2500 lp installed from factory. And use it for ac only.
    I have 740 watts solar panels on roof, 2000 watt magnum inverter , 200ah lifeblue lithium battery’s, that makes every thing run perfect for boondocking. This combo will not run an ac unit, not even with a soft start installed on ac. So if you want ac ,keep the generator. It would take a very substantial amount of battery power and solar to run an ac and I know there is not even enough real estate on the roof to do this, nor battery room for multiple battery’s
    3- 180 watt panels
    2-100 watt panels
    2000 watt Magnum pure sine wave inverter/ remote controller
    2 100ah lifeblue lithium batteries
    Victron 150/70 solar charge controller
    Victron Bm 712 battery moniter
    Sterling Dc to Dc 1260 charger from truck to charge battery’s in camper down the road. So if you want cool interior temps either plug in or start your generator.
    Happy camping!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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