Roof Surfboard Rack Install

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    Jason Plitz

    My 2017 8-11 didn’t come with the roof surfboard/boat rack. I desperately need to get my boards out of the inside of the camper otherwise my wife will leave me! I’m not having much luck sourcing a rack like i’ve seen on other NL campers so am looking at having one custom built. I’m only looking to hold a couple surfboards up there so its gonna be very basic with just (2) crossbars with radiused baseplates attached at the upper corner…basically the SAME as the NL racks. How to attach without weakening the shell or inviting future water intrusion issues is my biggest dilemma.
    -assuming it needs some form of mechanical attachment, how many, how long and where to install the screws?
    -I’ve heard some people just “glue” with some adhesive and no screws?
    -what about a structural polyurethane sealant, such as what’s used for highrise building glazing applications?
    -do i need to strip the gelcoat for proper adhesion of said “glues” or structural polyurethane
    -someone even suggested fiberglassing OVER the baseplate…which doesn’t sound like a good approach due to different expansion and contraction properties of fiberglass and aluminum baseplate.
    Any thoughts and or suggestions are appreciated.

    Les Jenkins

    Same question as Jason. different reason though. Climbing up the ladder to the roof is a dangerous thing since the ladder ends before the awning so no where to grab except the bathroom vent (10-2). I have fallen off the camper once already (on grass when it was off the truck so no harm done).
    I would like to put some ort of grab handle on the roof to alleviate this safety issue or, maybe i’ll have to access the roof via the skylite. Do not want to compromise the integrity of the roof, and don’t know where the backing material is under the fiberglass so tempted to just glue on a handle. Curious what others have done. it would be sort of the same solution for jason as I would need.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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