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    Jacqueline Feather

    First trip in our 2021 9-6 Sportsman Plus and came across two issues. 1) Water heater stopped working after initial fire up. Turns our the “thermal cut-off” blew. Should not happen that quickly and easily. Have ordered multiple replacements in case this is a recurring issue. 2) The back left burner would not ignite. When we got home, we removed the grill and stove top cover to discover that the LP tube from the manifold to the burner was not even connected. This allowed LP to flow under the stove top cover. Major safety issue!!! We reconnected the tube and the burner now works as it should.

    For Northern Lite – quality control can definitely be improved.

    Northern Lite

    Hi Jacqueline,
    Sorry for the issues that you experienced. Both items are related to parts provided by third party vendors. We don’t build the water heater (Dometic) or the stove (Suburban). When the unit leaves the factory we do test all of the parts but if it doesn’t fail at the factory there is no way of knowing if it’s going to fail in the near or long term. Dometic apparently did have an issue resulting in failures. This is fully covered by warranty through your dealer. Regarding the tube on the stove, it would have been pressure tested here at the factory as well as at the dealer. Part of the dealers PDI is to test each burner, so it would have been working when it left the lot. Somewhere along transport the tube would have come off. Obviously this is not desirable but it can happen.
    Once again, sorry for the issues and hopefully it’s smooth camping for you now!


    Our thermal fuse was blown right off the bat also. Replaced the fuse myself(very easy to do) and ordered a few extra.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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