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    Donna and Michael

    Has anyone else had trouble with solenoids on the thermal coupler being exposed to high heat and melting. It has happened on our 2021 8-11 EX LE three times. The first time the thermal overload was removed which allowed the electric side to work. Then Northern Lite generously replaced the tank. The second time it happened an RV Care dealer installed a new thermal cut-off and we were up and running again on gas except this time the electric didn’t work. Five nights later it happened again. This time more melting plus the fuse on the control board was burnt.
    Now we are boiling water.

    Northern Lite

    By chance do you drive with your water heater on?
    The only time we have seen this type of issue occurring is when there is a spider/wasp nest in the burner causing it to flare up, or when someone drives with their water heater on.

    Donna and Michael

    It’s always our intention to turn the water heater off when driving but we think it’s possible the switch was inadvertently turned on the third time it melted but we know we definitely didn’t have it on the first two times.
    Oddly, on all those occasions the red light indicating a problem has never illuminated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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