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    Ken 3d

    Just got back from a trip in Montana and Idaho. There were many dead spots with no cell phone service, at least for Verizon.

    I put a Wilson Cellular booster in my boat about 10 years ago and it would always add a couple of bars. That booster is a antique now but I’m wondering what anyone else is using with their camper and if it works well.

    I’m also interested in the cleanest installation I can come up with, with the fewest external holes drilled. And where I should drill to be able to pull and hide antenna wires inside the camper. I’m interested in anything the factory can add on placement and installation. The antenna will mostly be at the top of the roof ladder.

    NL 10-2
    F450 4x dually

    S S

    Hello Ken,
    This is what I use,
    We-Boost cell booster.
    As longs as there is some kind of cell signal then it will help amplify.
    I connected my we boost antenna to an aluminum telescopic tent pole, so I can lower it (down the road or low branches) then when we get to campsite, just extend it up to level you want. This pole is attached to back awning frame mount with custom aluminum mounts that have quick fist mounts for pole. The wire is fed thru a seal tite box mounted low on back of camper and wire is then run thru dump tank area, then thru dinette wall to power box for we boost. Lots of room under dinette seat area .
    I have also mounted my inverter and lithium batteries in this area.
    Actually works great!
    Happy camping!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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