Camping at higher altitudes

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    David Guido

    I have a 2021 8-11 and am heading to altitudes greater than 6000 ft.
    Should I be concerned about my LP appliances not performing properly?
    I heard that they may not achieve the optimal “blue flame”

    S S

    Hello David,
    I have camped in altitudes of
    6000 to 7000 and have had no issues with the propane.
    Sorry can not help with higher than that.

    David Guido

    Thanks for your reply
    I just returned from a 6 day trip
    around Lake Tahoe (6200 ft) and also had nno issues!


    David, I live at 5200 feet here in Wyoming and most all of my camping is at 8000 feet and above. I have never had an issue with my heater, refrigerator etc. not working.

    David Guido

    I am having problems starting a new topic so I will add it here because it is related. I am an avid downhill skiier
    and want to take my 2021 8-11 LE to the ski area and ski all day. I’m just
    anxious about sub-freezing conditions
    which are the rule. Manual says set thermostat to 74 degrees to keep basement and plumbing happy.

    Question: How much time do I have on my 20 lb tank for this since I anticipate it running @74 degrees 24 hrs / day?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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