AC Thermostat

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    T.J. Lunes

    Is there a way to add a thermostat to the roof mounted A/C? Something that cycles the fan motor on and off as needed? 2019 10.2

    Northern Lite

    Hey T.J.,
    The AC does have a controller on it to change when the compressor runs and turns off. The fan will continue to run though when the lower temp is reached. I am assuming you are looking to have the fan turn off completely though automatically. As far as we know there is no out of the box after market solution… but that doesn’t mean a solution couldn’t be configured by an electrician.

    Mark Miller

    I am also wondering about this as well. We have a 2019 8.11 and do not have a way of setting a temperature for the AC. Is there something I am missing. I would like the fan to go off but if we could set the temp I could live with the fan. Any suggestions would be great. For reference we have an Emerson thermostat that only seems to engage the furnace.

    S S

    Hello Truck Camping friends,
    Well this was also an issue I did not understand why Northern Lite picked an AC unit that did not have a wall thermostat.My Dometic AC unit worked great but the fan ran continuous and then the compressor would cycle on- off as it was supposed too. But the fan running continuous was annoying at best. (Especially at night).
    Well problem solved,I installed the Dometic kit with a wall Thermostat and new air distribution box.
    Works as supposed to now.
    Not sure why Northern Lite picked this model for their campers.
    I have a 2020 10-2 EXCD LIMITED EDITION and it has the Dometic Penguin 2 11,000 btu Ac unit.
    Anyone can call Panther RV products and get this upgrade kit.(roughly $300.00)
    Get your AC model number and they have all the parts,
    -wiring, and misc.electrical items.
    This Mod might not be for everyone, luckily for me I can do all this type of work myself.
    Dometic #3316230.714 single zone thermostat w/control board (cool only) $115.00
    Dometic Duo-Therm#3314850.000 RV AIR Conditioner Air Distribution Box $135.00

    Looks and works great!

    S S

    To TJ and Mark,
    There is a AC wall Thermostat solution.
    Read my post

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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